Booking & Cancellation

Adverts can be booked by phone, email, facebook or by calling to our office. After making a booking you will be informed of deadline for advert copy. You will be sent reminder emails when your deadline approaches.

Approval/Signing Off

You will be sent a digital proof of your advert via email so that you can check all info on your advert is correct. Once you are happy for the advert to proceed you must give us approval or sign the advert off to us for print. This can be done by simply sending us an email to confirm approval or by calling us.

Cancellation of adverts

If you wish to cancel your advert booking you must cancel at least 48 hours before the paper goes to press or you will be liable for the cost of the booking. We recommend that if you do cancel then you should cancel by phone as there is no guarantee emails will be read immediately. We require 48 hours notice of cancellation as it may not be possible to re-allocate the booking space in time for the paper to go to press..